Goodbye StockMarketEye

StockMarketEye has ceased operations on September 26, 2023.


When we initially purchased the StockMarketEye software, we saw it as a beacon of opportunity and promise. However, taking ownership came with its unique set of challenges. The road was steeper than anticipated, from the extensive resources and time commitment needed for the software’s stabilization and foundational adjustments to the constraints of integrating with new data providers like TwelveData to Yahoo’s ever-changing API policies. Each hurdle was a learning curve, and despite our relentless efforts, some proved insurmountable.

Our aim was to offer the world the best experience for stock market monitoring. The past years have been filled with growth, lessons, and memorable milestones, largely thanks to our customer’s trust and feedback. But, as with most ventures, we faced challenges we didn’t always see coming.

We undertook an ambitious project to integrate TwelveData. This move was our answer to the recurring issues with Yahoo’s API and how much it affected our customer experience. TwelveData seemed like a promising bridge to a paid, more reliable, and smooth service. However, the reality proved more complex than the blueprint. Instead of streamlining our operations, the integration threw in more wrenches than we could handle efficiently.

Adding to this integration hiccup were the ever-mounting operational expenses and the underlying software glitches that we had been tirelessly trying to fix. After much deliberation, introspection, and weighing options, we decided to cease all operations.

Closing this chapter isn’t easy. The end of StockMarketEye signifies more than just a business decision—it’s the end of an era that saw many make informed financial moves, share feedback, and grow alongside us. Our gratitude for our customer’s continuous support, patience, and belief in our vision is deep and immeasurable.